Birth Doula

Every woman deserves a doula.

My Birth Doula Support package includes the following:

I offer a free initial consultation for us to meet up and talk through the services I offer and for you to ask any questions.

Two antenatal visits in the comfort of your own home where we can spend time looking at – Birth choices in Cornwall, Birth Physiology, Optimal fetal positioning (OFP), Pain relief / Coping strategies, Formulate or review your birth preferences and other birth related topics.

Loan of relevant pregnancy / birth books

I will be on call 24 hours a day from weeks 38 – 42.

When you go into labour and you feel you need my support just call me and I will come – be this when you experience the first twinge or when you are in established labour, it is your choice.

During your labour my aim is to:

    • Help you establish a calm birth environment, be this in your home or hospital

    • Provide practical help regarding labour positions

    • Provide self help relaxation and breathing techniques

    • Support your partner enabling them to be as involved as they wish

    • Offer continuous emotional and physical support to you and your partner

    • I will remain with you until your baby is born, you are settled and you are happy for me to leave

One Postnatal visit lasting approximately 2 hours. During this visit you will be able to debrief your birth experience, I can help with feeding problems and listen to you if you have any other concerns.

Unlimited Phone / Email contact is offered throughout the time I am working for you